Snow Day and Our Favourite Children's Books


A few days ago we decided to just ‘say no to snow’ and call it a snow day. Snow days don’t actually really exist here. No matter how much snow there is you shovel your way out and continue on with life praying you can make the drive. But on this day we decided no, we would not shovel our way out of our impossibly long and steep driveway and cancelled our plans of running errands to have a chill day.

The kids love playing in Scarlett’s room because it has all of the books. We spend hours in here just reading and playing and snuggling. It’s the best. I’m a huge fan of children’s books and have quite the collection going but there are 6 that we are currently all obsessed with because they are pure magic!

If you have any favourites in your home I’d love to hear them!

Room and outfit details linked below!


1. If I had a Little Dream

Where do I even begin?! I received this as a gift, thanks Marissa!, and have been reading it to the kids for a year now. It never gets old and is so full of magic and wonder. The illustrations are absolutely amazing and the adorable poetic story keeps Scarlett’s attention the whole way through. It’s really enjoyable for adults too!


2. Mice Skating

The story of a little mouse who doesn’t want to hibernate with her friends. This story is so cute and the illustrations are even cuter!


3. Ocean Meets Sky

Just about the most magically adventurous book i’ve read! This book is a favourite because it is so exciting and keeps Scarlett hooked.


4. Yellow Kayak

This one is by the same dream team that created If I Had a Little Dream and it is SO good as well!


5. How to be a Wildflower. A Field Guide.

I’ve shared this book so many times now but it is always such a favourite. It doesn’t have a single story but beautiful illustrations, poems, quotes, recipes, life advice. It’s so wonderful and it’s for adults as well.


6. You Belong Here

I teared up reading this and just thought it was too cute for words. Such a dreamy read.


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