Winter Sunshine


We had a major cold snap roll through the valley that lasted weeks and it was not fun! We usually have pretty mild temps compared to our surrounding cities so we couldn’t handle it and spent most of it hibernating away and eating Pillsbury cookies.

Our valley gets next to no sun during the winter. Almost every day is cloudy and snowing so when the sun does pop out for a bit we get REALLY excited about it. It’s funny, when you’re used to suer dark days and then suddenly get a bright one it is difficult to see in the light!

Anyway, the other day was one of those bright sunny days and the temps even went above freezing so I decided to take the kiddos out for a walk along the beach and toss rocks into the water. We didn’t last very long but got to watch a bit of the sun set and felt great after spending some time outside in the sun. We took some photos that I thought were super cute while Scarlett ran around like crazy throwing rocks in the water and splashing along the shore.

xo Christina.


These pants have been my favourite this season and I will for sure be wearing them in the Spring as well. They come in so many gorgeous colours and the fit is so flattering! I’ve linked them below.


Hat by Lack Of Color.

Sweater by The Skinny.

Top by Les. Basics.

Booties by Free People.

Georgia’s Boots by Nooks Design.

Georgia’s Onesie by Mini and Kind.

Georgia’s bear hoodie by Old Navy.