In a Little Greenhouse


We are busy packing and getting ready for our big(ish) move at the end of the month. Yesterday, I decided to take the day off (well the kids were going crazy so they kind of forced me to take the day off) to go for a little adventure and it was much needed. We went to a favourite little garden/heritage park where it was fairly quiet as the rain from the morning had driven most people away. There were gardeners busy getting ready for the season and Scarlett was asking when we could start our garden at home. Our garden is a labour of love for us and we truly love having it. We are also saying goodbye to it this year and our new home does not have a space for one. With that being said, I’m considering doing a little planter garden on our deck, wouldn’t that be fun?!

Anyway, we spent our day strolling around, Scarlett admiring the new life growing around her and Georgia plowing into everything while I walked along behind them trying to keep Georgia from walking off the path. The ground was carpeted by tiny blue flowers which made it feel like we were in a dream.

I came across this tiny little old greenhouse and the woman who was using it told me I could show the girls inside of it and take some pictures too. They were mesmerized by the little space. Scarlett called it a ‘fairy house’. There were cute little succulents growing on the shelves and little beehives in the rafters. Outside they had pots of pansies sitting out in the sunlight, catching rays and the occasional light burst of rain from a moody springtime cloud passing by. I hope to one day have a little greenhouse just like this.

We sat on the bench playing with rocks and the kids went in and out of the greenhouse with bright smiles. It was a beautiful day.

xo Christina