A New Chapter


We have been so busy with planning, thinking, and working towards our next chapter. It’s been crazy and really scary but so good for us. We decided to move to a new city that’s still in the same area (about an hour from where we are now). We found a place and are moving out of our beautiful log home in a month. I’ll miss it here and was so hesitant to go because I love all of our little spots here but i’m sure we will find new spots to hang out. I can see our family in this place for a long time and the area is beautiful as well. So off we go!

Besides that, we’ve been busy planning Scarlett’s 4th birthday party, our travels, and finding a new daycare all while working away. It’s a lot but so good.

Anyway, we are trying to get back into the habit of going out for walks after dinner. It’s one of my favourite times to go out with the kids but for some reason it’s very hard to get into the habit of doing after a long winter of hibernating. Yesterday was the first day we did this as it was super warm and sunny. It was amazing.

I recently came across a Canadian children’s boutique called Les Petits Voyous and it is the most darling shop. They have the most adorable brands and all of their clothing is really unique and timeless. I love this dress for Scarlett, it’s so beautiful and I know it’s one that i’ll be able to hold onto for Georgia.

Bows by Colored Concrete.

xo Christina.