Sunflower Hill


They are called ‘Arrowleaf Balsamroot’ but they are locally called the ‘Okanagan Sunflower’. Our valley explodes with these mini sunflowers each year. They are everywhere and are our official flower. They are so common that I often overlook them but this year they seemed extra abundant and slowly the mountains have been turning to the most summer-like shade of yellow.

While the kids were visiting their grandparents, I decided to go on a little hike at a trail where they live in mass amounts. It was really amazing and totally surreal to wander through narrow trails on a hill of flowers. I went in the evening and it was quiet and peaceful. I got a little lost but happily so. There were stunning views of the mountains and lake along the way.

I went to take some photos of the flowers but found much more up that mountain. I took a wrong turn at one point and had to loop back through the winding paths of the hillside. Instead of just stopping to take photos I actually got to spend a significant amount of time wandering through nature completely alone which isn’t something that I get to do often. I realized that I’ve been missing a huge part of myself lately and it was my connection to the earth. I felt much happier the next couple of days after and found myself stepping onto the small patch of grass that is our front lawn and just breathing in the air and letting the earth ground me again. Each time I allow myself to connect to nature, I am able to function in all other aspects in life much better and I think that it’s important to remember to do this when you’re feeling like something is missing or not working for you.

The park is called Kalamoir Regional Park and is a short, moderate hike. I wouldn't say that it is suitable for young kids as there are lots of areas that have a steep cliff along the side. Plus, cactus plants also reside along this mountain.