The Tulip Festival

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I wasn’t sure we would make it to the tulip festival this year as we were mid moving and the festival was nearing it’s tragic end. We decided to keep on with tradition and just go; to hell with unpacking! We went a few days before the end of the festival which isn’t something we like to do but the fields were luckily still beautiful and full of blooms.

We hit the Chilliwack location in two separate days for two different vibes. There are two tulip festivals in the area. One is in Chilliwack and the other is in Abbotsford. Both of them are stunning to see but we almost always go with the Chilliwack location. Here’s why:

  1. They are superrrr kid friendly! They have a playground set up and a lot of fun little things along the way to do. This year they had tractor rides which was a huge hit in our fam.

  2. We’ve found that it is a little less busy because it is slightly farther away from Vancouver than Abbotsford is.

  3. The staff is incredibly friendly which gives it a welcoming and happy atmosphere.

I recommend hitting both but we are really attached to Chilliwack!

On the first day we went, we went around 6 pm. The sun was just falling behind the mountain and it was incredible. It was really warm but there was a light, lazy breeze swirling through the fields which made the temperature feel perfectly comfortable. They had a long path of daffodils that you walk through to get to the tulip fields with wooden swings and a vintage bike along the way. The daffodil path was just as beautiful as the tulips and I thought it was a really beautiful setup. The mind behind the setup of these fields is a beautiful one.

We met a lot of really kind families along the way and it was so pleasant. It was BUSY. People like going in the evening on sunny days for better lighting but around 6:30 it started to die right down. They close at 7 but they let us stay longer to enjoy the playground and take more photos which I though was really sweet. There were very few people left and it was very serene at this time.

The next day, we went when they opened at 10am. I always recommend going right when they open because It’s generally a lot less busy. We’ve also noticed that the tour buses roll in around 11am and the crowds increase drastically. The experience is generally a lot less pleasant when there are mass amounts of people. Go early. Buy sunrise tickets if you can.

There are little food trucks, a honey truck, and a store that sells pre-cut flowers. I grabbed a bundle from the store for our photos (you can NOT pick the flowers) and thought they made a cute addition. If you want to be holding flowers in your photos, buy some! I have them sitting in my windowsill still and I think of the serene beauty of the fields every time I look at them.

Overall, the tulip fields of British Columbia are a must do experience if you are in the area. Remember to bring rain boots just in case! It can get muddy.

Christina. 🌸

Day 1

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Outfit Details:

This dress is a total dream and it comes in many colours!


I wore this necklace all weekend and love how it goes with everything!

Day 2

Flower Fields

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Summer Dress

This dress is really cute for summer!

toddler dress

This is the cutest dress for toddlers. This shop has a lot of really unique finds!