Oranges for Lunch


It started in the grocery store. We were supposed to be getting groceries but Georgia wouldn’t sit in the cart and wanted to be held. Scarlett was clearly sick of her sister’s super moody day and started acting up and getting mad at everything. I was getting the pity stares.

I was kind of overwhelmed while holding a (pretty heavy) fussy baby, trying to push the cart, and deal with a toddler who didn’t want to listen. ‘What did we need again?’ I said to myself. Scarlett heard this little question whispered under my breath and responded with ‘picnic snacks’. I looked to her and thought that that was exactly what we needed! She picked out oranges, strawberries, and a veggie sandwich and we left nothing more.

I ran home to grab a blanket and our swimsuits as Scarlett requested we eat by the lake. The water was still way too cold to swim in but we found a sweet little spot with a nice view and hunkered down for an hour then walked around a bit. It was just what we needed.

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