Fruit Stand Adventures


We’ve been living in Lake Country for almost two months now! It was a really hard adjustment but we LOVE it here. There are lakes, orchards, wineries, and mountains surrounding us. It’s just beautiful.

Yesterday morning was gloomy and I could tell it was going to rain and storm all day. Before that happened I decided to take the kids to a little fruit stand I have been dying to check out. They had a blast wandering around eating fresh fruit and honey sticks. We spent quite a bit of time here and left just before we were hit with a downpour.

My friend designed Scarlett’s dress and I think that it is just the most beautiful dress ever. Her new line releases soon and it is BEAUTIFUL. Everything is designed so thoughtfully by the most amazing mama with a heart of gold. Make sure to keep an eye out for her latest drop (Sundae and co).

Rainbow necklace by: Squirrel House.


Georgia’s orange bow: Colored Concrete.

fruit stand