Home Office

boho home

The office was the first space I decided to design in our new home. I wanted to have a really inspiring space to work in or just hang out in. When designing it I sort of just found pieces that spoke to me and represented who I am.

The space started out as a toy room and we kept one corner for them on the other side so the kids could still come in and play while i’m in here. We didn’t want to completely kick them out!

As you guys know, I LOVE wallpaper. Anewall is my go-to for wallpaper because they have so many unique designs. We went with the self-adhesive removable wallpaper because we are renting. I chose the Tawny Mural because the tones are just so beautiful and calming. I love the texture it adds to the walls!

boho home

The plant shelf was a very slow process. I think I went to every single store in Kelowna/West Kelowna that sells plants at least twice. I must say the best place for plants in town was Home Depot! The shelf itself was built by my dad and painted by me.

Boho home

This moon mirror is from Hunter & Nomad.

indoor garden
office space
plant shelf

I ordered the prints from Musings from the Moon and adore them. She is such a talented artist!

The desk, chair, lamp, and mini greenhouse were all Ikea finds.

The baskets and hanging planter were from Home Sense.

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