10 Days in Spain


We have been dreaming of Spain for a long time. We’ve planned this trip so many times but for various reasons, it always fell through. Finally, we decided to just do it and book our flights so we couldn’t back out again. So off we went!

Our flights were fairly painless. Huge shoutout to Air Canada for making everything so easy. We didn’t have a single hiccup on any of our flights.

We wanted to see as much as we could while we were there so we decided to rent a car and road trip to different towns each day. We flew into Malaga where we picked up our rental car and drove to our Airbnb. We stayed about 20 minutes from Malaga in Fuengirola where the beaches are just amazing! From here, a lot of the towns we wanted to see were very close.

I’ve decided to break our trip down into each city we visited during our time in this beautiful country.


1. Fuengirola

This was our base for most of our trip. We found an apartment right on the ocean on Airbnb with the most amazing host who was very patient with us when we got lost trying to find it leaving her waiting for an hour. Whoops! Make sure to get a working gps when you rent a car.

Anyway, Fuengirola has some stunning beaches and the Mediterranean water is so warm. The beaches here are extremely well maintained and there are shops, cafés, and restaurants all within walking distance. There is also a little amusement park for kids that opens in the evening. It was a lot of fun!



2. Marbella

Marbella was every bit as beautiful as I thought it would be. We spent our time here in old town which is where you want to be. There are beautiful restaurants and café's all around and every street and alley is packed full of charm. We wandered around for quite a while then stopped for lunch and a coffee. We came back here on one of our rest days because it’s such a quick and easy trip.



3. Frigiliana

Wow this place blew my mind! It’s a little white washed town with narrow cobblestone streets full of greenery and flowers. Frigiliana is considered to be the prettiest village in the Andalusia and the residents take great pride in the beauty of their homes. While wandering around here, I felt like I had stepped right into a fairytale. We took many photos here and I felt completely amazed the whole time.

Just a heads up, it is built on a mountain so there is a lot of uphill walking.


Nerja, Spain

4. Nerja

Nerja is directly below Frigiliana and we went to both on the same day. It is an old fishing town with charming architecture and stunning views. The town is busy and there are a lot of fun shops. We wandered around the town and the Balcon de Europa before hitting the beach for the rest of the day.

Nerja Spain


5. Granada

We went to Granada for the Alhambra Palace. It is an absolute must see in Spain. It felt surreal walking around here with its ancient architecture and stunning views of Granada. The Alhambra is huge and I recommend giving yourself 3-4 hours here so take everything in. Also, like most places in Spain, it is packed so if you want to beat the crowds than go early! We did not and thus were caught trying to navigate through hoards of people. It is also very important to book your tickets ahead of time as they only let a certain amount of people in per day for crowd control purposes.


6. Barcelona

We ended our trip in the beautiful city of Barcelona. We had to take a train from Malaga to Barcelona which took about 5 hours. It wasn’t the most pleasant ride and we found ourselves pretty confused trying to figure it all out with all our luggage in tow. BUT it was 100% worth it. I went to Barcelona with low expectations. I’m not a big city kind of gal and I didn’t see the appeal. However, I was completely surprised to find that I LOVE Barcelona. Chris got major ‘I told you so’ points here.

Our AirBnb was right in the middle of the gothic quarter which is where you want to be. We spent two nights here and loved every moment. We wandered the streets, ate everything in sight, and visited the Barcelona Cathedral.

It is BUSY and the nightlife is amazing. Everyone seems to be having fun here.

A few more places to explore that we didn’t get to:



Malaga (we flew in here but didn’t explore)


Some little tips:

  • Driving in Spain can be really stressful. You have to be a pretty aggressive driver to make it anywhere.

  • There are tons of crowds everywhere you go so if you want to beat them, go to your destinations in the morning.

  • Trying to find parking is really hard anywhere you go. Mornings are easier.

  • At larger tourist destinations, people will come up to you and shove something in your hand then demand money. If you try to give it back they won’t take and will continue to harass you for money. Just don’t take anything from anyone and be politely firm.

  • Barcelona is really bad for pick pocketing so be street smart and try to not stand out and look like a tourist.

  • Dinner is usually much later. A lot of places don’t even open until 8pm.

Some Favourite Outfit Details:

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