A Dark Day in the Sunflower Field


'Twas a dark and stormy night...

We decided to take a little end of summer road trip out to the sunflower festival in chilliwack, BC this week (about a 3.5 hour drive). We stayed the night in the cute little town and had some fun exploring with the kids. It was a sunny and warm(ish) day and the next morning we were planning on hitting the sunflowers first thing.

Then the clouds rolled in. That night and the next morning it POURED.

We decided to brave the rain and hit the festival anyway. We thought, "let's just run in quickly, check it out, grab some flowers, and take a few pics". Luckily, I brought pretty warm clothes and rain gear (it is lower BC after all and one must be prepared for anything).

We were ready to go. "How do we look?" I asked the ever-patient Chris. "Like the Addams family but in a cute way". Okay, I think that's a compliment so i'll take it.

We got there and it was still pouring so I was expecting the kids to loose it pretty quick. 'Que miracle'. Both kids apparently LOVE rain. Scarlett had a blast with the umbrella and stomped around in her rain boots splashing in puddles while Georgia happily looked up at the sky, smiling while rain dropped on her little face. It was still pretty warm luckily and I felt like I was inside some creepy but amazing Alice in Wonderland type dream. The vibes guys; unreal.

We stayed a while and then left when we were completely drenched.

It was a good day. Pro tip: Gas up BEFORE hitting the highway.

Video coming soon (maybe).


Scarlett's dress: Alex and Alexa

Georgia's romper: Alex and Alexa

Georgia's touque: LiliasDesign

My dress: Urban Outfitter (LOVE this dress, highly recommend)

My hat: Lack of Color

xo Christina.