April 22nd, 2018- Spring


April 22nd started like any other day. We woke up at about 6am despite being up all night and I dragged my sorry ass out of bed to make coffee, breakfast, change diapers, and hook myself up to the breast pump. After everyone was fed and somewhat dressed we went for a walk to the park where Scarlett gave me a work out (toddlers man). We strolled back. Scarlett was unhappy because I made her leave the playground, Georgia was crying because she's teething, and I was already ready to climb back into bed.

I sat there staring out the window trying to breastfeed a screaming baby while arguing with my toddler about the cup I put her water in (today she doesn't like purple). The sun was shining and it was expected to warm up quite a bit by the afternoon. Was I really going to let this be my day?

I recently got one of those adorable instant cameras by Fujifilm that I had been dying to try out but the weather hadn't been warm enough to spend much time outside... until today. I saw it, sitting on the shelf, staring at me. I starred back. No, beautiful camera, I'm too tired. You're too tired every day. True, let's go.

After an hour of getting ready we hit the road to my favourite gardens. We got there and I instantly felt better. It was the first day that it was warm enough to not have to wear a sweater. We walked around taking in the beauty of the park and then set up a little picnic in a shady spot. I took some photos with my camera and my instant camera. Scarlett decided that she wanted to try and took some beautiful shots. My favourite photo of myself by a long shot is a photo she took of me with my Instax Mini 9. Afterwards, while Georgia slept in her stroller, Scarlett and I ran around in the sun.  The sun shone down on my bare arms that hadn't seen sunlight in over 6 months while birds chipped away happily. I stood there thinking how about relieved I was that I forced myself out of the house. "You better catch me mama!" Scarlett's voice interrupted my thoughts and I took off running after her. I scooped her up in my arms while she laughed and screamed happily. I looked at her smiling face covered in dirt and strawberry juice and thought...

This is Spring.

I took so many great photos this day and had to share them. I decided to put the instant photos from our day into a journal to preserve the memories we made. I used my Instax SHARE SP-2 printer to print off more photos to put into the journal I created.

The Instax mini 9 is on sale for Mother's Day from May 4-13 and the Instax SHARE SP-2 printer will be on sale May 4th-17th. These make the perfect gift and capture some seriously amazing memories.

xo Christina.