Baby Proofing With Safety 1st


When I first became a mother, one of the most surprising aspects was how much babies and kids liked getting into trouble. I remember when Scarlett was around one, I said to my mom "Seriously, it's like I'm putting everything I’ve got into keeping her alive when she is determined to harm herself". Kids man; they're not easy.

Since Georgia started crawling she has been getting into everything. We live on the upper floor of our home which really worried me. What if someone leaves the door open and she crawls outside (she's really fast)? What if she gets to the deck and gets into stuff? What if she falls down the stairs? So many concerns. I knew we had to baby proof everything asap to keep her safe.

We started using Safety 1st baby proofing products when our first was a baby and were familiar with them so baby proofing again was easy. We covered all of the outlets, put locks on the cupboards, anchored anything that could tip, and put covers on the knobs. We used the Safety 1st Home Safety Kit 80-Pieces . Safety 1st has everything you need to baby proof your home and we trust their products. Bonus, the knob covers work for our toddler who still can't really handle stairs by herself.

My main concern, however, was the outside door. If our baby was to find a way to get outside it would be really unsafe for her. Besides the safety concern, we also enjoy having the door open in the summer/early fall as we don't have air conditioning and having the fresh air in our home is really nice. We haven't been able to do this since Georgia has been mobile.

To solve the issue with this door we installed the Safety 1st Ready to Install Gate in the doorframe. The gate is really easy to install and can work in so many places. It's perfect for stairs, blocking off unsafe areas of the house, or keeping babies in one area. It expands to however wide you need it making it easy to fit in most places. We used this gate with our first to keep her out of the back half of the house. The handle on it is easy to open for adults but intricate enough to keep the kids from opening it.

It's such a simple change but it makes such a huge difference! It gives us peace of mind knowing our little trouble-maker is safe and it just makes life easier.

Check it out or order it here!

This post was sponsored by Safety 1st. All experiences are our own both past and present. :)