DIY Marie Curie Costume With Smarties


This October, I have partnered up with Smarties candy to create a DIY costume of our favourite smart historical figure! Smarties has launched this campaign in order to highlight the importance of learning and knowledge by helping children connect to intellects throughout history. Isn't that wonderful?!

Scarlett is only two years old but she is passionate about learning all about the world around her. I was inspired to create this costume for her by her latest interest in science. Scarlett loves creating her own concoctions so I thought that Marie Curie would be a fun historical "smartie" for Scarlett to dress up as this Halloween. Marie curie was quite an amazing woman in the field of science as she discovered the elements Polonium and Radium and won two Nobel Prizes.

Smarties, or Rockets as we call them in Canada, are our favourite candy for Halloween because they taste so great, our whole family loves them, and I always feel good about giving them out to trick-or-treaters because they are peanut-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free so I know that they are a safe treat for other kids as well!

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DIY Marie Curie costume:

Materials needed:

  • A plain black dress

  • A collared shirt

  • Black tights

  • Black shoes

  • A plain white lab coat

  • Paper to make scientific symbols

  • Double-sided tape

  • Plastic beaker and test tube (safe for little hands)

  • Non-toxic glow in the dark slime or putty

  • Your favourite candy for snacking!


Creating the costume:

Step 1:

Print out the radioactive warning symbol and the symbol for the element radium. Both of these can easily be found through google images. Cut them out and, using double-sided tape, attach the radioactive warning symbol to a pocket on the lab coat and the radium cut-out to the beaker.


Step 2:

Take your glow in the dark slime and put it into the beaker and test tube. This is a fun activity to include your child in!


Step 3:

Dress-up time! Start by layering the collared shirt under the black dress and put on the black tights and shoes.


Step 4:

If your child's hair will allow it, pull it back in a little bun. This was the fashion during Marie Curie's time.


Step 5:

Complete the costume with all the accessories! Put their lab coat on and give them the beaker and test tube of slime to play with.


Step 6:

Take photos because they look adorable and have an awesome Halloween!