Fall Cookies and My LG Dishwasher Review


I have been baking with Scarlett since she was itty bitty and it is our favourite activity to do together. It's a wonderful bonding experience, she gets to do something she loves, and it has helped me become a more patient parent. All-in-all, baking with kids is so worth it but there is no denying that the mess it creates is a huge pain!

When LG Home Appliances approached me to review their LG Top Control Dishwasher with QuadWash and TrueSteam it felt like fate. We had been discussing getting a new dishwasher and I was so excited to have to opportunity to review this particular one.

Once we received the dishwasher and had it installed we tried it out immediately. We stood in the kitchen after dinner loading it and as I went to put a dish in, Chris said, "shouldn't you give that a quick wipe first?" I responded, "It says you don't need to prewash". We were skeptical but loaded everything up without washing anything beforehand and went about our evening feeling happy to have the extra time with the kids. When the first load was done we were blown away by how effectively it washed everything! Our dishes were sparkling and free of any food particles or water spots.

After using it for a little while, I feel like our lives have changed with this appliance. I could not even imagine not having it in our home now!

This dishwasher isn't your average dishwasher. The LG Top Control Dishwasher with QuadWash and TrueSteam has some amazing features. They are as follows:

The TrueSteam technology releases steam at a very high temperature to sanitize dishes and to help reduce time spent pre-washing dishes. Hot steam penetrates every corner of the dishes for a more hygienic clean. This leaves dishes sparkling and reduces water spots by 60%. This feature is was really drew us in the most!

The QuadWash feature ensures that your dishes are cleaned from every angle. The four multi-motion spray arms effectively wash every dish on every rack.

The EasyRack Plus feature gives you lots of space and flexibility to wash what you want. The height of the racks are adjustable and easy to move around. The tines fold up and down allowing you to place dishes anywhere.

But does it live up to its expectation? Absolutely.

Chris and I have both been through our fair share of dishwashers but have never come across one that is as efficient as this one. We were pleasantly surprised by this dishwasher and how well it cleaned the dishes with very little work beforehand. You really don't even need to rinse your dishes; the high temperature steam does all the work for you by removing baked-on food from dishes while effectively sanitizing everything. Everything is clean the first time so you don't need to run things through more than once. It has a 3rd rack for extra cutlery which we both love for cookware and knives. You don't need to play Tetris with your dishes to get everything to fit in at once because the racks all adjust with ease. It's stylish and brings a modern, chic look to our little kitchen. It delivers a superior clean and yet gentle care.

It has saved us so much time and hassle so we can spend more time as a family after meals.

I am so incredibly happy with this dishwasher and it has taken a massive everyday chore off my plate! It works better than I thought possible!

Check it out here.