Favourite Children's Clothing Shops


One of the most frequently asked questions I get is, 'where do you get your daughters' clothing from?'. So, I've decided to put together a list of my favourite online shops for both toddler and baby clothing. When I look for clothing for the girls, I am normally drawn to more neutral tones and pretty details. I am also drawn to timeless items that I can keep and pass down to my girls when they have children. So here are my absolute favourite shops for girls' clothing right now aside from the obvious (Gap, Old Navy, Zara, H&M):

Toddler Girl Clothing: 

1. Alex and Alexa.

For special toddler and baby clothing, this is my go-to. They have so many amazing brands and you can pretty much find anything you are looking for on their site! I have found so many pieces on this site that I treasure and will put in the "keep forever" box of children's things because a lot of their clothing is the kind of clothing you can continue to pass down. My favourite brands on their site are: Grey LabelMini-A-TureThe Animals ObservatorySoft GalleryHust & Claire, and so many more!


2. Wheat Kids Clothing

Where affordable and stylish meet! Wheat Kids Clothing has some of the most beautiful pieces I have come across for toddlers. Their clothing comes in gorgeous muted and rich tones and are just so precious. Check out this adorable dress: Wheat Kids Clothing.


3. Mini Minoche

Adorable, soft, and ethically-made. Some of the most perfect basics for toddlers! Favourite sweater: Kids Organic Fleece Lush Hoodie- Putty. 


4. June Isle Clothier

Sustainable and ethically-made perfection. Fashion you can feel good about buying! Every piece is designed with love and it shows. Favourite piece: Fern Dress.


5. Lil' Lemons

If you are looking for unique and good quality pieces they are the place for you! I love all of the items I have from them. They have a vintage feel that makes Scarlett look like she belongs in The Secret Garden. Cutest little dress: Vanilla Swirl Dress


6. Rylee and Cru

Who doesn't love Rylee and Cru?! Their clothing is soft and comfortable with adorable, whimsical prints. I mark my calendar every time they have a new line is coming out!


7. Nest and Nurture

Handcrafted and ethically-made. The most perfect little pieces for toddlers! Check out their adorable little Pinafores.


8. Lilylily

Another amazing ethically-made and handmade shop! I love every piece from this shop. They put so much thought and effort into their designs. My favourite dress by them is the Peaseblossom Pinafore


9. Smallable

A beautiful collection of designer children's brands. You will find some stunning and unique pieces from this online boutique! I especially love their Hundred Pieces collection because of the retro yet modern vibe.


10. Crew & Lu

Fun and artistic clothing for kids. Everything in the shop is pure perfection and the owner is a truly amazing woman! Look a this dress.


Baby Girl Clothing:

1. Jamie Kay

Perfect basics, dainty florals, and heirloom-quality clothing make up this adorable shop. I've been buying a lot of Georgia's clothing from here and my favourite onesie I have for her is from here.


2. Nature Baby

I love everything about this brand. They make natural and chemical-free products that are made with the environment in mind. Their clothing is soft and practical. Favourite items: Camisole Bodysuit Pointelle,Pointelle BonnetWillow Rattle.


3. KicKee Pants

Softest. Clothing. Ever. This gown was the first piece of clothing Georgia ever wore. I brought it to the hospital and truly believe that every expectant mother needs to pack one of these into their hospital bag!


4. Chasing Windmills

Merino wool goodness. Another favourite gown we have is from here!


5. L'oved Baby

Beautiful colours and soft fabrics. The material of their clothing is thick and cozy and their footed onesies are a must have for babies. I particularly love the colours of their clothing!


6. Fin & Vince

Clothing you will always cherish. Their designs are beautiful and I've kept all of Scarlett's clothing from here for Georgia. Current favourite: waffle long john.


7. Goumi Kids

These. Freaking. Gowns! I came across this brand on Instagram and immediately put in an order. They have all the newborn essentials including onesies, gowns, scratch mitts, booties, etc. The material is buttery soft and I am obsessed with the design of their onesies and gowns. SO CLEVER!!


8. Nooks Design

I don't think I have ever come across something more thoughtfully and lovingly made than the pair of Nooks booties that we have. The design is genius and keep those little baby feet warm and cozy. They use vintage and up-cycled materials in their products which I think is so cool!


9. Petite Coo

The knits of your dreams. I have several knits from these guys that Scarlett had when she was a baby. When it comes the knits, Petite Coo is the way to go.


10. KidWild Organics

Another beautiful and natural brand with adorable baby basics in perfect muted tones. This onesie is my favourite in their collection: Organic Footed Jumpsuit.


There are so many other brands and shops that I love and I am constantly discovering new ones too! To see other shops that I love or new ones I have found follow along on my Instagram page!

xo Christina.