How I Edit Using My Phone


One of the most frequent questions I get is, "how do you edit your photos?", so I decided it was time I made a post on the topic! For some of my more recent images I used lightroom on my computer to edit but almost all of my photos are edited right on my phone using a few easy to use apps. I do tend to change my edit up frequently but I've been using the same edit for 90% of my photos since the fall and really love it and want to share it! This edit works really well for me because my style is moody and whimsical. My photos are all taken with a Nikon d5500 but this edit works for phone photos as well.

For this post, I'll edit both an indoor photo and an outdoor photo so you can see how it looks with both! Here is my current favourite formula:

Original Photos:


1. Snapseed

I don't always use Snapseed to edit but if I do, I use it first. This app is amazing for brushing exposure over dark areas or patching out objects you don't want in the image. If you want to up the exposure or saturation on only a certain part of your image than this is how to do it! I'm also a huge fan of the "expand" tool which allows you to expand your image if the background is simple.

Both my photos were quite dark so I brushed exposure over them at +0.3. I also used the healing tool to get rid of the cords beside my bed in the indoor photo.



It has taken me a very long time to learn which filters work for me on this app but I finally have it down.

First I upload my image in put the filter C5 from the Chromatic series on at about half way.


Then I save the image to my camera roll and reupload it to VSCO. Now I use the filter A4 from the Analog series at about 3.5. This will vary depending on the photo though.

Next I mess with the exposure a little bit and sharpen the image all the way. Sometimes I will add a little grain in as well. If there is a bright colour in the image that I want to desaturate then I will use the HSL tool to bring down that colour. I use this a lot in the summer because I really dislike the look of bright greens in my photos. This will help you achieve the look of a deeper and more muted green which is much more appealing in my opinion!


3. PicTapGo

This is usually my final step in my editing process.

I use the "Lights On" filter to brighten my image up and the "Warm It Up" filter to add natural looking warmth to my image. I adjust the strength of these two filters accordingly.


That's it! It seem like a lot but once you are used to a process like this it takes no time at all.

**Sometimes, I feel like my photo is still lacking something. If this is the case, then I use these two apps to add some "magic" to my photo:

1. ColorStory

I use this app to add beautiful light flares to my photos or change the tone of the sky! It's really fun playing around with this app!

2. Rookie Cam

I use this app to add cool vintage looking textures to my photos. For example: I added some very light texture to these two images to make them look sort of vintage:


Thanks for reading my post on editing! If you feel stuck on how to edit your photos don't worry! Just keep playing around until you find your style :).

xo Christina.