How to Create the Perfect Baby Registry


I was the first of all my friends to have a baby. I had no idea what I needed and neither did anyone else in my life. I remember standing in our local baby store, registry scanner in hand, feeling totally overwhelmed, tears forming in my eyes, and thinking, 'what the heck do I even need for a baby?!' Looking back now, I realize I went about it all wrong.

Fast forward three years and my friends and family are finally starting to have kids! I now have the honour of being the person they can turn to for advice and product recommendations. Having kids before everyone else in my life has allowed me to discover all of the best products out there though trial and error which has made me a pro at making and helping my friends with baby registries. Making a baby registry doesn't have to be stressful. In fact, now that I have been using Babylist for my expecting friends and fam it has been downright fun!

Here is my guide to making a perfect baby registry:

1. Do it online.

You need to do it online. Going into a store will only totally overwhelm you and the store won't have everything you need/want anyways. Doing it from the comfort of your own home is way better and you can be more organized this way. This also allows your out of town friends and family to shop for you.

2. Find the right website.

Finding the right place to do your registry is key. The only baby registry that will cover all the bases is Babylist. Babylist is an online baby registry that allows you to add ANYTHING you want to it. Have your eye on a gorgeous Solly Baby Wrap? You can add that to your registry no problem! There are so many amazing brands out there and this registry will allow you to add any of them including those adorable small shops you see on Instagram that you know you won't find in any big stores. I'm a huge sucker for small shops because they make things that are unique and heirloom-quality. Babylist also allows you to add some more meaningful gifts such as a home cooked meal or help with the housework. Don't limit yourself when making a registry!

If you're a US resident you are also eligible to receive their limited time offer, the Hello Baby Box, which is valued at up to $160 including special offers. This awesome box is full of goodies and samples. This box is offered while supplies last and can vary each month.

If you've already created a registry elsewhere, don't worry. You can add that registry to your Babylist registry and have it all in one spot. Having two separate registries can just make things confusing so just add it all to one convenient site. Trust me on this one.

Simply download their app or install the browser button to add items from any site. It's incredibly easy to use and works just like Pinterest.


3. Create a checklist.

Create a checklist and stick to it. Don't clutter your list with things you don't really need or want. If you start going click-happy you'll end up with things that you don't really need and you'll have to run about collecting the items that you do need. If you don't really know where to start Babylist has a lifestyle quiz that will give you a personalized checklist of the items you need for your baby. Also, make sure to check out their Sample Registries to get an idea of what to put on your registry.


4. Don't put it off.

Get it done as soon as you can. This will allow your friends and family to order everything on time and not worry about whether it's going to come on time or not.

5. Do your research.

If you are a first time parent you likely don't know which brand has the best car seat, baby carrier, etc. For each item you need, do a bit a research to find the best and most suitable brand for your lifestyle. This is where I really screwed up the first time. I basically just went with whatever the store I was making my registry with had in stock. Not all products are created equal! Don't find this out the hard way. Babylist has a guides compiled by real parent feedback, for all the items you need which outline the best brands.

Click here to start your a registry today and qualify for a free Hello Baby Box!

I hope this guide helps you create the perfect registry for yourself, friend, or family member!

This post is sponsored by Babylist. Thank you so much for allowing me to support the brands that I love!

xo Christina.