Linen Dresses and Mountain Life


This was by far the most hilarious photoshoot I've done. It was 8 degrees celsius which is pretty much summer in Canada! No just kidding but it was really warm for winter. Anyways, I decided I didn't need to wear leggings under my dress and just threw on a warm sweater and thick socks under my boots. However, when I got to the spot I was taking photos it was a cool -5 degrees C. A rookie mistake; higher elevations are always way colder.

I had planned to get a coffee, sit down and work a bit so I only had to be outside for a short period of time anyways. I parked my car at a really cool view spot I found and only had to walk down a little slope to get a better view. Camera and bag in hand I walked down only to go straight through 3+ feet of snow! With one bare leg completely submerged in snow I panicked and tried to push myself out with my other leg and that one went through as well. I was up to my waist in snow and completely in disbelief. Why did I wear a thong today?! Then I started laughing, laughing so hard I couldn't get myself out.

After a lot of squirming and cursing I finally got myself out and abandoned this spot to go sit in my car with the heat blasting praying no one saw or that it wasn't caught on a weather cam. After warming up I continued on with my day but the experience stuck with me and I couldn't help but to laugh all day long. Lesson learnt; never step in snow unless you know how deep it is and always dress warmer for higher elevations.

This dress is from Conscious Clothing and is my favourite dress of all time! It can be worn in any season (with leggings in the winter) and I love the soft edgy look to it.