Maintaining A Healthy Pregnancy


I've mentioned before that I don't exactly handle pregnancy well. I get very sick and very tired. For my first trimester I struggled to stay healthy not only physically but mentally as well. I couldn't seem to think clearly and struggled with anxiety that would keep me up all night. I quickly realized that I needed to turn my pregnancy around and deal with these issues so that I could maintain a happy and healthy pregnancy for not only me and the baby but for Scarlett as well. She deserves to have a mother who is positive and energetic.

First thing I knew I had to change was my diet. I was not eating properly and I blamed this on my lack of energy. I would tell myself that I just didn't have the energy to cook and try new healthier recipes so i'd settle on quick easy meals. I knew that this was a problem because my lack of energy came from not properly nourishing my body. Morning sickness hits me hard during pregnancy and I realized that I needed to make every meal I ate count. I started cooking healthier meals packed with nutrients and I immediately felt more energetic and my morning sickness even improved!

Second thing I had to change was this newfound anxiety I was struggling with. It had improved with my diet changes but I knew I still needed to find a way to calm myself when I started to worry. I started doing some meditation and signed up for a prenatal yoga class. Just these acts of doing something for myself helped me so much. I started to feel more connected to my body and the baby growing inside. Once I confronted my anxiety and learned how to handle it, I felt much more at peace with the process of pregnancy.

Third thing I had to change was my issues with sleep. When you become a parent you become obsessed with sleep. Sleep becomes a sacred privilege and every moment of sleep is suddenly so precious. Getting pregnant with my second child made sleep become even more precious because my body was now hard at work. Growing a baby is so magical but it is uncomfortable to say the least. The bigger I got, the less sleep I got. I was waking up all night with night sweats and just general discomfort. I would wake up with a sore back and felt as if I hadn't slept enough each morning. We decided that it was finally time for a new mattress. I put a lot of research into it and we found that memory foam was defiantly the best for pregnancy/parenthood and Chris, who had used a memory foam mattress before, wanted another one badly. I had also read that some mattresses now have cooling technology. This factor was huge for me and Chris was quite keen on this as well.

We soon discovered a new Canadian mattress brand called Olive Sleep that had a mattress that met all of our needs. The mattress is made up of three layers of temperature-controlled memory foam covered in a super soft layer that is antibacterial and hypoallergenic. The second layer of memory foam has cooling technology to draw excess heat away! Best invention ever!

This company delivers your mattress right to your door. The delivery was fast and hassle free and I was surprised by how easy everything was. We have an impossibly steep and narrow driveway so I was worried that they wouldn't be able to get it up and we'd have to carry it up ourselves. They not only brought it up, they brought it inside for us! It comes in a box and is wrapped in plastic that you simply cut into and it expands into a full-size mattress. It was easy and convenient.

Now for the most important part: sleep. I didn't really know what to expect with a foam mattress but I was pleasantly surprised. It is so comfortable and both Chris and I found it to have the perfect softness. It is not too soft and not too firm. It took no getting used to and I immediately fell in love with it. It helped with my pregnancy night sweats and I didn't wake up with an aching back anymore. Another huge factor that I hadn't originally thought of was that I finally had my own space! With the spring mattress that we had previously I always ended up rolling towards Chris all night due to his body weight being heavier than mine. Now I get to have my own little dip and I couldn't imagine ever going back. This is also awesome for when Scarlett sleeps with us. With my body hard at work, I need a good place to rest and I am so happy to have found that place. I am now able to wake up refuelled and have the energy I need to chase my toddler around all day. This is the best mattress that we have ever had and we will never be switch to another! You can check out their website here.

With all of these daily improvements I can now honestly say that I am maintaining a healthy and happy pregnancy. I still have bad days where I struggle with my morning sickness but my overall pregnancy is no longer defined by my negative symptoms. I know how easy it is to sink into the dark fog that can hang over you while you're pregnant but making some simple changes and practicing self care can drastically improve your life.

xo Christina.