Nuna PIPA and MIXX2 review


When we were on the hunt for a new carseat and stroller for Georgia, we looked into every brand we came across. With Scarlett, we didn't really know what we were doing and didn't end up choosing a very good carseat/stroller and she ended up hating her carseat (it wasn't comfortable AT ALL) and this made driving with her impossible. We didn't realize how important a really good carseat is back then but this time we were not going to make the same mistake. I came across the brand Nuna on Instagram and loved how their products looked so I decided to research them a little bit. The carseat and stroller had everything we were looking for so with no hesitation we decided that Nuna was the way to go! We got the PIPA carseat and the MIXX2 in the suited collection.

The PIPA carseat is designed thoughtfully with comfort and safety being top priority. It's features include a five point harness, a secure and simple five second install, and a dream drape that shelters baby. The base for the carseat was incredibly easy to install and has colored indicators on the lower rigid attachments to minimize user error. I feel much more at ease knowing that Georgia is in such a safe carseat. Not only is it safe; but it is also extremely comfortable. Georgia loves it and falls asleep every time she is in it. This makes our outings so much easier. It is stylish and lightweight which are both huge bonuses!

We got the MIXX2 stroller to go with the carseat. This stroller pairs perfectly with the PIPA carseat and you can interchange the seat of the stroller with the carseat with no effort. This way, if Georgia is sleeping in her carseat and we don't want to wake her, we can simply snap her carseat onto the base of the stroller and go! It folds down flat and closes and opens with ease which makes it easy to store either in the house or in our car. The seat of the stroller is adjustable and can face either way as well as sit upright or recline back flat which has been a blessing for us with Georgia. Since she is only one month old, it is best for her to be laying down and she loves the comfort of the stroller especially with the warmth of the footmuff that is included. This stroller not only makes our outings way easier, but it is also a beautiful and stylish baby product. We got it in the suited collection because it is so elegant with meticulous attention to detail and is truly beautifully designed. The suited collection is exclusive to West Coast Kids in Canada.

Nuna is everything you could possibly want in a carseat and stroller!

xo Christina.


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