Roadtrip to Alberta 2017.


After our last awesome road trip with Scarlett, we decided it would be better for us to drive to Edmonton. This way we could stop at Banff for a few days on our way home. Now, I know what you're thinking; "why on earth would you drive 11 hours in the middle of winter to a place way colder than the cold place you already are?". Well, because Chris' family lives there and his sister just had a little baby boy who we were dying to meet. Plus, we wanted to see everyone because we don't get to see Chris' family that often.

We began our journey to Alberta on one of the coldest days of the winter. We loaded up on snacks, toys, and coffee and braced ourselves for the chaotic trip ahead. Scarlett was very good on the way there. She happily ate snacks and played games most of the trip. This is unusual for her because she absolutely hates being stuck in her carseat but we seemed to have caught her on a good day. Thank goodness for that!

Our 5 days in Edmonton were spent visiting with family and friends. Scarlett had so much fun playing with her cousins, going to the waterpark, and visiting fun new places. It was a blast!

Our ride to Banff was a scary one as the road conditions were terrible but we made it! We've been to Banff a few times but we have never really taken in all the beauty it has to offer. We spent our first day there exploring the town and soaking in hot springs. The temperature was at a very low -25 for most of the time and we quickly realized that Scarlett could not handle it no matter how many layers we put her in. We had planned on doing a hike to Johnston canyon the next day but decided to arrange care for Scarlett instead of bringing her along as these temperatures were just too low for her. The hike was very long and VERY cold but oh my gosh was it ever amazing! There was so much frozen beauty everywhere you looked and I was blown away by it all. At one point my phone shut off from being too cold and a layer of ice formed over my camera lens so I was forced to just enjoy the scenery and it was lovely.

We left Banff the next day with plans to return in the spring to do the same hike with Scarlett and to see the things that we didn't have time to see. The ride back seemed extremely long because we were all so sick of driving. Coming home had never felt so good.


xo Christina.

Ice forming in Chris' beard.