Shop Smart With Pricerazzi.


A little while ago, I found myself driving into town in search of a singing and dancing Sherif Callie doll for Scarlett's Christmas gift (she's obsessed with it). Driving into town is a big deal for us as it is about a 30 minute drive if there is no traffic. However, we live in a small town with a lot of people so traffic is always an issue. We spend forever just getting out the door because getting Scarlett into clothes is quite similar to wrestling an octopus. Now, we have to strap the very same octopus that I have already angered into her carseat. This process is long and exhausting. After a long drive filled with tears (from both of us) we finally arrive at Toys'r'us. Every time I shop with Scarlett I am reminded why I avoid it at all costs. She was running wild. At some point I managed to grab what I needed, picked up Scarlett, and paid for her gift. No where, in this scenario, am I even considering trying to find a better price elsewhere. All I'm thinking is, lets get home now!

Christmas shopping can be time consuming and expensive. I am famous for waiting until a week before Christmas to do all of my shopping and then panicking when I can't find what i'm looking for. I end up buying my gifts the first place I find them without even looking for a better price anywhere else because I am so crunched for time. Needless to say, I am not exactly what you call a smart shopper. This year, I decided to get organized and shop smart! I began my shopping early and I started using the app Pricerazzi to find the best deals on all of my Christmas gifts. If you are not familiar with Pricerazzi already, they are an amazing company that helps you save money by finding the best deals! All you have to do is snap a photo of your receipt and then send it into Prizerazzi via their free app. From there, they take care of the rest and once they find a better deal on an item or if you have already bought the item for the best deal, you will get notified. Once you have a better price, you can go to the retailer you originally bought the item from and get it price matched. This has seriously made a huge difference for my holiday shopping. I feel like such a savvy shopper this year and love it!

Pricerazzi started out when the founder realized that after renovations, most of his appliances had gone on sale. After finding out that price drops were rarely claimed he created the company to make getting money back simple. This holiday season, Pricerazzi is contributing a portion of their funds to charity where they will be donating $1 from every valid Canadian in-store receipt to Children’s Wish Foundation, and $1 from every valid American in-store receipt to St. Jude’s Children's Research Hospital. What an amazing cause! This is an app worth downloading.

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