Tofino 2016


For years Chris and I had been talking about going to Tofino, BC for a quick getaway but it never ended up working out. This year, we were absolutely determined to make it work. We booked last minute and a week later were on our way. I was extremely nervous because the trip to get there is about 9 hours long not including the wait time for the ferry. Scarlett has always hated her carseat and completely looses it even on the shortest of trips. I knew that the whole car ride would be absolute chaos. For the first time ever, I was happy to say that I was very wrong.

We left at the crack of dawn with a car packed full of new toys and snacks. The day before we had purchased a portable DVD player and had a few of her favourite movies; this made all the difference. Scarlett was an angel. She happily ate her snacks, watched Lilo and Stitch, and played with her new toys. I was completely surprised. The ferry ride was a lot of fun and we took turns chasing her around. When we were back on the road, Scarlett fell into a deep sleep and stayed that way for the rest of the trip.

We stayed at the Pacific Sands Beach Resort and absolutely loved it. Our room had an amazing view of the ocean and we could walk right out onto the beach. I instantly fell in love with this magical place. The sea met the mountains and created some of the most beautiful scenery I'd ever seen. For most of the time, there was a thick blanket of fog surrounding us which made everything that much more beautiful. In the morning while the tide was out, we explored rock formations and tide pools. In the evening, we would walk through the woods and visit the charming town. Chris and Scarlett even went into the water a few times (it was pretty cold and I was too chicken). It was like being in a dream.

When we first arrived, I watched everyone gather on the beach and head out to surf. I felt instantly jealous. Having Scarlett with us meant that our adventures would be limited and I felt slightly disappointed at first. We started exploring the beach and all of the little caves. Scarlett ran wild, jumped in puddles, explored nooks, examined plants, and climbed every rock that she came across. I couldn't help but to watch her in her amazement with this new place. I got to experience this magical place through her eyes and it made me open my own eyes to all of it's beauty. She was my big adventure.  I no longer felt jealous of the surfers out on the water because our adventures with Scarlett were far beyond anything I could ever wish for. Our time was magic because of her.

Three days later we said goodbye with plans to return to this paradise. Traveling with Scarlett may be exhausting but it is truly worth it. She makes every adventure one to remember.

xo Christina.